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Picking up your Order

We supply convenient pickup locations in all major cities across Canada, within 20 km of the city center. Our pickup locations are in London, Mississauga, Kingston, Ottawa, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Montreal, Sherbrooke, Lévis (Quebec City), Moncton, Vancouver (Delta), Kelowna, Fort McMurray, Grand Prairie, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg and Halifax.

Pickup locations are listed on our checkout page, with distance automatically calculated from your location. Select the pickup delivery method and choose your desired pickup location, the rest is easy with our seamless checkout process.

We do not list our pickup location addresses online, as our warehouses are for pickup only. Upon ordering, you will receive the full address in a pickup confirmation email. Please contact us to schedule a pickup and receive the full address.

Orders are typically ready for same day pickup within our regular business hours of Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, unless stated otherwise on our product pages. Upon ordering, you will receive a pickup confirmation email that your order is ready or a Voltloop representative will contact you within the same day to inform you of any delays. If we cannot fulfill your order within your desired timeframe, we can fully refund your payment immediately.

Upon receiving your pickup confirmation email, we hold your product(s) for 5 business days and will have your order ready upon arrival during our regular business hours. If you cannot make it within 5 business days, just let us know and we will hold it for you until you’re ready.

All of our warehouses offer free pickup, with no hidden fees attached.

Please contact us upon ordering if the pickup person has changed. Make sure the individual picking up the order has a valid photo ID and a copy of the pickup confirmation email with the order number.

All of our pickup warehouses have bay doors, material handling equipment and a helpful staff to facilitate your pickup.

Bring a copy of your order confirmation email (virtual or printout) and a valid photo ID when you come to collect your item(s). Please provide our helpful staff with your order number (VL****) and your name, and they will process your pickup.

Please park your vehicle in our parking lot, and proceed to the front door to speak with one of our associates. Present your pickup confirmation email with your order number (VL****) and your name, and our helpful staff will arrange your pickup.

Our warehouses are for pickup only and do not install or remove batteries from vehicles. We do not supply services for any vehicle or equipment at these locations. If you are returning a core during your pickup, please remove it from your vehicle prior to going to our warehouse.

Recycle & Save Program

We do not change a hidden core fee on any of our batteries. The full price of our batteries are listed online and all charges apart from applicable taxes and shipping are included.

At Voltloop we have no hidden core fees, plus we give you money back to recycle your old battery. All of our pickup locations are registered recycling depots, so when you pick up your new battery, we can recycle your old one and give you money back.

Battery scrap values depend on current market prices and vary based on size and chemistry. Prices are determined on location and are not subtracted from the original sale price. Batteries must be a minimum size to qualify for our Recycle & Save Program, with the approximate minimum size being a 35 lb. automotive battery.

Our warehouses recycle all household and commercial batteries, regardless of size and chemistry. That includes flooded lead acid, lithium, sealed lead acid, AGM, gel, alkaline and many others. Whether you have a large capacity forklift battery or a couple AAA batteries, we can properly recycle it.

We do not remove or replace batteries in vehicles or equipment, and batteries must be removed before you proceed to our warehouses.

Please park your vehicle in our parking lot, and proceed to the front door to speak with one of our associates before bringing your old battery inside. Please inform the front desk of any scrap batteries you may be dropping off and check to see if you qualify for our Recycle & Save Program. Our on-site staff will inform you of the next step to complete the core exchange.

Shipping & Delivery

We offer various shipping methods to accommodate your needs, including free business delivery, third-party shipping (Canada Post, USPS, UPS and FedEx), free Canada wide shipping on select products and specialty carrier shipping to remote areas.

We typically process orders fulfilled through our online store same day or next day. If you contact us directly for a shipping quote, you will receive the fulfillment schedule with your order details.

We supply free business delivery within a 100-kilometer radius of our facilities located in all major cities in Canada, including London, Mississauga, Kingston, Ottawa, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Montreal, Sherbrooke, Lévis (Quebec City), Moncton, Vancouver (Delta), Kelowna, Fort McMurray, Grand Prairie, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg and Halifax. Contact us to setup an account and qualify today.

We offer free Canada wide delivery on select products offered online. Product pages marked as "free shipping" will be available for $0 delivery at checkout with no prequalification necessary.

We provide specialty carrier shipping for remote locations with our Canada wide distribution system. We can facilitate delivery and carrier pickup options from the warehouse closest to you, to save you money and time. Please contact a Voltloop representative to receive a quote and shipping schedule.

Products listed as ‘pickup only’ are available for business delivery and third-party shipping. Contact a Voltloop representative on our toll free number at 1 (855) 455-5543 or by email at shipping@voltloop.ca to receive a shipping quote today.

Products that are over 66 lb. (30 kg.) and/or a flooded lead acid chemistry are considered pickup only items. Note: These products are available for business delivery and third-party shipping on request.

We ship to the United States from our London Ontario Canada warehouse. Contact us directly and we can provide you with a quote with the USD price of your product(s), shipping costs, duties and any cross border fees.

We can facilitate delivery and shipping options with any carrier of your choice. Contact a Voltloop agent and provide them with your carrier account number, and they can process your order with a carrier account.

Shipping rates for items that are available for shipping through our online store are automatically determined at checkout. We can also supply you with a quote for specialty carrier shipping, business shipping and for items marked as pickup only on request.

Our main distribution point for shipping is our London, Ontario Canada warehouse. We also ship orders from our warehouses located in every major city in Canada, for specialty carrier and business shipping.

Upon ordering, you will receive a shipment confirmation email with a tracking number and a link to the carrier account.

If you receive an order that is damaged during the shipping process, we would need detailed information including photos to determine the claim. Upon receiving all relevant information, a Voltloop agent will contact you to start your claims process.

Our orders automatically come with a $100 shipping insurance provided by our carriers. Depending on the dollar value of the order, shipping insurance may be increased.

Business Accounts

When you open a business account with Voltloop, you get a personal battery expert on your side:

  • Dedicated Voltloop business agent to help you with technical and logistical tasks to get you the right power for your business.
  • Qualify for free business delivery within a 100 km range of our warehouses located in all major cities Canada wide.
  • Free pickup options and core drop-offs Canada wide.
  • Exclusive pricing on select products and bulk orders.

To open a business account, we need the following information: Contact name, company name and address, phone number, email and a contact person for payments and invoices.

You can either contact Voltloop business agent directly at sale@voltloop.ca or on our toll free line at 1 (855) 455-5543. You can also fill out our convenient business account application and your dedicated Voltloop business agent will contact you for further details.


All of our products have full manufacturer warranties which vary for each product and manufacturer. Refer to product listings for full warranty details or go to our warranties page.

Contact a Voltloop representative on our toll free number at 1 (855) 455-5543 or by email at warranty@voltloop.ca. Our helpful staff will start your warranty process immediately and determine the best warranty steps based on your location and product specifications.

We have locations across Canada to carry out your warranty process. Based on your location, we will either direct you to drop off your battery or ship your battery to our location to be tested.

Our warranty processing time is determined based on age, chemistry, application and capacity of your battery or charger. It can take anywhere between a same day exchange or one week to test your battery or charger and determine the warranty coverage. We know how critical power is to your vehicle and equipment, that is why we strive to test and exchange your products same day.

We have two tests that we perform to determine the health of your battery. The first test is a carbon pile test to measure the cranking amps for starting power batteries. The second test is a discharge test, which determines runtime at a set amount of amps for deep cycle batteries. All of our warranty testing is based on guidelines designed to comply with the industry-leading manufacturers we carry.

You are not required to file any paperwork with the manufacturer of the product. You will only require the original purchase invoice from your order, which can be supplied by a Voltloop representative if you have lost it. Further, you will need a valid ID for proof of original purchaser when you are dropping off or shipping your battery to us.

If a warranty is covered through a shipping company (Canada Post, UPS, Fed Ex or USPS) due to damages during delivery, we require a description of the damaged contents, full size photo of damaged contents, full size photo of exterior packaging, full size photo of interior packaging, and a photo of the shipping label with the tracking number.

Shipping costs for warranties are covered by the purchaser, although if your warranty is successful we will reimburse your shipping costs. Many of our batteries are not available for shipping and require a drop off to our warehouses.

You do not need to register for a warranty when purchasing anything through Voltloop. We base all warranties based off the original purchase invoice.

Warranties start at the time of purchase and are based on the original bill of sale from the order placed with Voltloop.

Battery warranties do not cover:

  • Careless or abusive use, including rusted and/or damaged posts
  • Over discharge & overcharged batteries
  • Frozen batteries
  • Sulfated plates
  • Introduction of chemicals or other products
  • Use for an application that requires a more powerful battery
  • Damaged and/or deformed battery box including damaged or erased manufacturing code
  • Unauthorized modification
  • Accidents leading to physical damage that results in explosion or fire

Battery charger warranties do not cover:

  • Improper connection and/or use.
  • External force or damage to the device and/or device parts due to mechanical impact or overcharging.
  • Damage resulting from unintended or improper use and/or defective batteries. 
  • The limited warranty is void if the unit has been opened or tampered with, if its terminal connections were reversed (reverse polarity), if it was
    exposed to a damp environment and misused in any other manner.

Our warranties are offered by the industry leading manufacturers we carry, and vary based on brand, model and application. Commonly are warranties are structured with a full replacement coverage within the first period and repair coverage within the second period. For example; our Relion lithium batteries have a warranty coverage of “Manufacturer Limited Warranty 3 Years Replacement or Repair Warranty with 10 Year Total Warranty.”

We only cover manufacturer warranties if to product was purchased through Voltloop. For a warranty to be covered, it must be filed by the original purchaser of the battery or charger. If the product was purchased through Voltloop and sold later to a secondary user, the warranty is not covered.

Refunds & Returns

Voltloop provides a 30 day return policy on select items. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, we are not obligated to offer you a refund or exchange.  To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. Please view our Returns and Refunds Page for more information.

We supply full refunds for orders cancelled prior to processing, which normally takes one day.

Contact a Voltloop representative on our toll free number at 1 (855) 455-5543 or by email at returns@voltloop.ca. Our helpful staff will start your return or refund process immediately and determine the next steps involved.

We require the original purchase invoice for your order, which can be supplied by a Voltloop representative if you have lost it. Upon successfully processing your return or refund, we require a general contact form to be signed for proof or transaction.