Recycle & Save with Voltloop

No hidden core fees, plus we give you money back to recycle your old batteries. All of our pickup locations are registered recycling depots, so when you pick up your new battery, we can recycle your old one and give you money back.

All scrap batteries are recycled using a controlled and regulated system in compliance with the National Environmental Support Program of Canada.

Canada Wide Battery Recycling

This includes ALL types and brands of batteries, not just the ones sold by Voltloop Canada. Let's keep our planet clean.

Battery Recycling Canada Wide

Battery scrap values depend on current market prices and vary based on size and chemistry. Prices are determined on location and are not subtracted from the original sale price. Batteries must be a minimum size to qualify for our money back program, with the approximate minimum size being a 35 lb. automotive battery. Please note that we do not remove or replace batteries in vehicles or equipment, and batteries must be removed before you proceed to our locations.